Slow Holler Tarot Deck Review

Slow Holler Deck

Holy Crap, the Slow Holler Tarot Deck is Amazing

If you like tarot that’’s absolutely beautiful, is unique in symbolism, and is radically gender inclusive I strongly recommend the Slow Holler Tarot Deck.

As I’’m trying to get back into tarot more, I tried out the new reprint of ever popular Wild Unknown deck, and I’’ll admit that I was a bit underwhelmed. I didn’t relate to much of the strictly non-human symbolism, and was particularly annoyed when the only scrap of humanity was in the gendered court cards. Slow Holler has a really vast array of symbolism, human and otherwise, with abstract pip scenes, contorted court figures, and various still life scenery. Additionally, all of the gendered card names have been neutralized, with additional cards re-imagined outside the traditional European focus of traditional decks. The creators of the deck are queer artists from the southern US, though the end result isn’’t stereotypically “”country”” at all.

There is some RW influence, though it’’s not a clone by any means, and the artists attack each card with enough unique twists to give you some alternative angles when reading. In many ways, the eerie vibes and presentation of the cards subject reminds me a lot of the WTNV Tarot Deck for some reason? As you can see from the examples, there is some morbid imagery and nudity, but nothing particularly graphic or unsettling.

Slow Holler Cloth

Enough Symbolism Talk, How Is It Physically?

The quality of the deck’s production is amazing. The cards are firm but flexible, with soft rounded edges, no indtruding borders, and a nice eggshell feel. The backs don’t look to be entirely symmetrical, but they’re busy enough not to spoil any revesals. The colors are crisp and well printed, the golds slightly shimmery. The LWB is small but bound well, and has some nice text for its explanations. Instead of a giant clunky box (which I personally loathe, and usually end up awkwardly tossing), it comes wrapped in a really nice tarot cloth. Seriously. I’m over the giant boxes.

Slow Holler Oracle

Enough Physical Talk, How Is It Spiritually?

Personally, I love the The Oracle (2) so much. I’’ve been trying to do Little Red Tarot’s Alternative Tarot Course, and I got so aggravated the first lesson’s exercise to find your “birth card”, because the High Priestess is such a gendered card. And even in the context of many diverse decks, it always seems to gets the Divine Femininity archetype, and it was just really discouraging when the Eternal Gender Confusion happens to be one the main issues I’d love to explore more with tarot. In the past, I’ve always centered around The Hermit as the card that resonates with me the best, but there’’s just something about The Oracle that gives me the good feels.

As far as actually working with it, holy crap this is the best deck I’’ve ever shuffled. It shuffles like magic. The cards fit perfectly in my hand, and they just move like butter. But in the nice sort of buttery way. Not the buttery way where the cards are too glossy, and they just fly across the room. Like a perfectly buttered roll. Not movie theatre popcorn buttered.

In performance, holy crap this is probably the best non-classic deck I’’ve worked with. (Overall favorite is still gonna be Thoth, which is why I consider RW divergence a plus in “new” decks, haha.) Again, even though the deck was a collaboration of over a dozen artists, it’’s so coherent. And the LWB really gives you some nice food for thought that goes beyond the literal sort of “”IT’’S LOVE! IT’’S MONEY! IT’’S A WOMAN WITH DARK HAIR! (MAYBE SHE’S GONNA STEAL YOUR HEART AND YOUR WALLET?)”

Holy crap I just really love this deck. The only downside is the price, but it’’s indie published by the artists, the art and content are amazing, and the physical production quality is just so darn good. This is definitely well worth the money, and is probably going to fill my deck lust for a while. And hopefully keep me from making excuses about not practicing reading too!

Slow Holler Deck

Alternative Tarot Course: Introduction

I’ve taken up the nasty burden of discipline, and am trying out The Alternative Tarot Course. I love the mother site Little Red Tarot for it’s diverse perspectives on tarot and practical woo-woo, and lately I’ve been running into such a rut with my readings. Far too often, I find that my readings end up with more questions than I started with. And while it’s nice for some introspection, sometimes you want some cold hard answers.

I’m also taking this as an opportunity to finally succumb to peer pressure, and try out the community favorite deck The Wild Unknown, which was recently given a “mainstream” re-release. Huzzah for glorious Amazon Prime! As suggested in the guide, I’m supplementing my readings with Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, in addition to The Wild Unknown’s substantial LWB. (Which is a fully bound and illustrated tome of over one-hundred pages.)

The Alternative Tarot Course has a very active format, which is nice in an online course. While I love a good lecture or eBook, being engaged in progressive work really helps to reinforce the message home. Each week, it’s a brief introduction, which then leads into a set of introspective questions on the topic addressed, and an specific reading to drive the message home. Looking forward to getting to know my new deck, and hopefully myself as well!